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Take photos of hazards and document all observations. This template includes a risk matrix to help identify the likelihood of the severity of risks identified onsite. Identify the hazards associated with the activity or work process observed and list the. Example of working at heights risk assessment use or copy. Free risk assessment forms another great source of free risk assessment forms and templates. Following this guidance is normally enough to comply with the work at height regulations 2005 wahr. Pdf the subject of this paper is to give a brief overview of the risk assessment for the scaffolds and. Working at height rescue plan free downloadable template. Free risk assessment form use this free form to describe, analyse,assess, rate and control hazards or risks.

Download your free work at height risk assessment template. So you might have come here looking for a working at heights risk assessment example. Common hazards included in this template include working at heights, confined. This working at heights risk assessment template is free and customisable for your risk assessments, and can be used online, shared or downloaded as pdf. Falls and falling objects can both have fatal consequences. Employers and those in control must first assess the risks.

Cleaning work at height ladders risk assessment template no. Page 4 work at height falling objects accessories for attaching to lifting equipment, e. A valuable lesson in weight distribution when operating cranes. Our work at height risk assessment template is intended to provide guidance for developing sitespecific assessments the risk assessment template is written by iosh qualified safety professionals, delivered in both ms word and adobe pdf format ready for you to download and start editing straight away. Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major. Working at heights cd with high resolution pdf files of all materials. This generic risk assessment gra examines the hazards, risks and control. You are free to take other action, except where the. School admin school office health and safety generic risk assessments. This work at height risk assessment has been created to assess the risks associated with general working at height. Putting up displays accessing filing storage opening closing windows adjusting blinds changing fluorescent tubes using stepladder use of a ladder use of a tower scaffold work at height within drama low roof access. Working at height risk assessment identifying the hazards. Ultimate collection of risk assessment checklist templates covering topics including. Use this construction risk assessment checklist to identify common construction hazards, assess the risk severity and rating and propose control measures.

Proactively identify hazards and help reduce risks in one of the leading causes of workrelated injuries and. This working at height risk assessment template can be used to identify risk activities associated with working at height. Common hazards included in this template include working at heights, confined spaces, electricity, asbestos, manual handling, noise, lone worker and more. A risk assessment is a careful examination of what in your workplace could cause harm to people, so that you can then weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions, or should do more to prevent harm. Its crucial for you to know how to carry risk assessments out, not only to comply with this legal requirement but also to ensure people can work. Following this guidance is normally enough to comply with the work at height. The below example showcases what a working at heights risk assessment on some roofing works looks like. Those in control of any working at height activity must ensure that they plan, supervise, and carry out work safely. The working at height risk assessment template and safe work method statement. Low risk, relatively straightforward tasks will require less effort when it comes to. Generic risk assessment about working at heights to help fire and rescue authorities to draw up their own risk assessments.

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