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Solar resource data, tools, and maps geospatial data. Red book of endangered species, international listing since 1948. Nrel advances critical science and technology through innovative research and development to improve the nations electrical grid infrastructure, making it more flexible, reliable, resilient, secure, and sustainable. Nrel provides solar resource data and tools to help energy system designers, building architects and engineers, renewable energy analysts, and others. This overview describes the latest version of the national renewable energy laboratorys nationals solar radiation database nsrdb with demonstrations of the online data. The measurement and instrumentation data center provides irradiance and meterological data from several stations in the united states. Contribute to nrelrplexos development by creating an account on github. They are spatial interpolations of solar radiation values derived from the 19611990 national solar radiation data base nsrdb and published in the solar radiation data manual for flatplate and concentrating collectors. Dec 16, 2016 the national renewable energy laboratory recently released its 2015 renewable energy data book, showing that renewable electricity grew to 16. Enabling an application to read data from a log file to a log viewer involves the following tasks. Cooperative networks for renewable resource measurements. This book provides central information for studies and monitoring programs on rare and endangered.

The updated 19912010 national solar radiation database holds solar and meteorological data for 1,454 locations in the united states and its territories. You can also browse our subject listing of entries or the style guides full text. The main aim behind this documentation is to provide complete information for research and analysis of different species. The dots on the map represent the 239 sites of the nsrdb. Best practices handbook for the collection and use of solar nrel. The red data book contains colourcoded information sheets, which are arranged according to the extinction risk of many species and subspecies. A catalog of data and information collected by the national renewable energy laboratory nrel in conjunction with the us department of energy. Not only need the data be brought into suitable format, the data also need to be screened for sensible values we may add modules for this in the future. Share wind energy maps and data on delicious share wind energy maps and data on digg share wind energy maps and data on more wind energy maps and data. Several books are available that describe techniques for grounding and. The wind and water power software on this website are developed as free, publicly available, opensource, professionalgrade products and are used by thousands of designers, manufacturers, consultants, certifiers, researchers, educators, and students throughout the world. Click on the map to launch the userfriendly re data explorer and access countryspecific resource and technology data. Wind engineering in africa can assist in collecting data. Red data book of the russian federation, a list of endangered and protected species, prohibited for hunting, in russia and most cis states.

The first book on thermal analysis thermografica was published by berg, nikolaer. Android apache aptbtrfssnapshot aptget autostart btrfs calculated column centos compression debian deduplication hostname howto ip address linux list lvm mysql openvz performance proxmox redhat centos repository rhn satellite sds sharepoint 2007 solaris solaris 10 solaris 11 spacewalk ssh ubuntu ubuntu debian unity update usefull. Printing properties of the instance to an output device, typically a user interface for the log viewer. Technical and economic analyses to advance understanding of. This list of issues below is based on two sources of information. For information about nrels pvwatts pv performance calculator, see pvwatts. Collin hughes has created an interesting related site that links these notes to his own discussion of the film versions of the novel. New and changed features for red hat enterprise linux 7. Pacific, europeafrica and the americas solari, 2005. An atlas of thermal data for biomass and other fuels nrel.

Maps of average values are produced by averaging all 30 years of data for each site. On certain and uncertain readings of lems solaris, sciencefiction studies 12 march 1985. By accessing this file, you agree to abide by the nrel data disclaimer. The solar radiation data manual for flatplate and concentrating collectors is available on the rredc in html and pdf format. Maps derived of the data represented in the tables are also available for viewing. Solar radiation data manual for flatplate and concentrating. Nrel provides solar resource data and tools to help energy system designers, building architects and engineers, renewable energy analysts, and others accelerate the integration of solar technologies on the grid. Measurement and instrumentation data center midc home page. Offers live solar radiation data from approximately 70 instruments on nrel s campus and historical measurements dating to 1981. Most file systems do implement this capability as of fedora 17. Department of energy, office of energy efficiency and renewable energy, operated by the alliance for sustainable energy, llc. National renewable energy laboratory innovation for our energy future. Nrel style guide alphabetical index use this index to find style guide content by subject. Red in the name of the book is symbolic of danger which is experienced by the plants and animals across the globe.

The opensource format facilitates the softwares credibility and. Not going to name any names, because i still do like this artist. The cooperative network for renewable resource measurements confrrm was an effort between nrel and other agencies to conduct longterm solar radiation and wind measurements at locations throughout the united states. Linux professionals who need a goto guide on version 6 of red hat enterprise linux rhel will find what they need in this comprehensive sybex book. Reading data from a log file solaris wbem services. This dtd is described in more detail in appendix f, document type definitions for the crnp. Measurement and instrumentation data center midc home.

These data can be imported into popular spreadsheet programs. This is realistically going to get buried but oh well. The primary data represented and synthesized in the 2015 renewable energy data book come from the publicly available data sources identified on page 122. Selected spreadsheet data table appears in data window on right side of screen. About the nrel latest national solar radiation database. Contribute to joepbcscientrace development by creating an account on github. Appendix a synthesis of regional assessments data analysis and assessment methodologies. Nrel has provided solar resource data for the united states through the nrsdb for more than 25 years. The red list of threatened species also known as the iucn red list or red data list, founded in 1964, is the worlds most comprehensive inventory of the global conservation status of biological species. Al livecchi, jeff logan, david mooney, robin newmark, gian porro, and paul schwabe of nrel.

It assists in making decisions about optimal locations for csp plants. Crnp concepts sun cluster data services developers guide. Use renewable energy re data explorer, the flagship geospatial tool of the re explorer, to inform vital renewable energy investment and deployment decisions. Solar resource data and maps argonne national laboratory. Both the red list and red data book show the risk of extinction based on the biologicaldata. Efficient remote copy of sparse files on rhel 6 red hat. For homeowners, please login to solarnoc solarnoc login. The red data book contains the complete list of threatened species. The definitive guide to administering a red hat enterprise linux 6 network. For red hat enterprise linux 7, a cluster that includes a gfs2 file system requires that you.

Examples include checking the timestamp, power, temperatures are within reasonable ranges a lot of data loggers when they go offline insert nonsensical values like 9999. When a multipoint is passed the site nearest each point is used. Nrel north american solar radiation atlas presentation. Learn how your data is used with cookies to preserve your experience, and optin to customize your experience.

Please send an email to andrew clifton at nrel dot gov describing the projects the data have been used for. This manual was produced by the national renewable. Solar resource data and tools grid modernization nrel. It uses a set of criteria to evaluate the extinction risk of thousands of species and subspecies.

Please include an acknowledgement that this is nrel supplied data whenever the data are used, including presentations, posters, student exercises as well as journal publications. The maps below illustrate select mulityear annual and monthly average maps and geospatial data from the national solar radiation database nsrdb. Red data book overview, advantages and its disadvantages. The data from which these maps were generated can be found these maps were generated can be found here. Browse the nrel data catalogs entire listing of data submissions from nrel researchers and analysts. Red data book is also established by government of a state or country for documenting rare and endangered species of animals, plants and fungi as well as some local subspecies that exist within the territory of the respective state or country. Wind engineering in africa 0908a international association for. The national renewable energy laboratory nrel has developed an interactive mapping tool, called the national solar radiation database nsrdb viewer, that allows users to examine, distribute, and analyze solar resource data for the united states and northern mexico.

Our geospatial data science tools help users apply nrels geographic information system expertise to their own renewable energy projects. The wind prospector national renewable energy laboratory. These data reflect estimates based on the best available data. A wellknown text wkt representation of the geometry for which to extract data. Solar radiation resource maps renewable resource data.

This data book provides certain data behind figures and tables found in the nrel presentation status and trends in the u. For information about nrels pvwatts pv performance calculator, see. Cooperative networks for renewable resource measurements solar energy resource data. Solar radiation data manual for flatplate and concentrating nrel. When a point is passed the site nearest to that point is used. Notes capacity data are reported in watts of alternating current ac unless indicated otherwise. Individual pdf files are available for the main body of the manual and for each of the 50 states, the pacific islands guam and puerto rico. These maps show the general trends in the amount of solar radiation received in the united states and its territories. Definition of the red list and red data book the red list is a compilation of endangered wildlife species of japan whereas the red data book provides data on population status of the species included in the red list. The bird clear sky model, authored by richard bird, is a broadband algorithm that produces estimates of clear sky direct beam, hemispherical diffuse, and total hemispherical solar radiation on a horizontal surface.

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