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Ive been finding it hard to motivate myself and since. Delete post revisions in wordpress wordpressplugin. Revision materials igcse this subsection is designed to help you with your igcse revision in geography. Individual as producer, consumer and borrower unit 4. Mr cartlidges science blog somewhere, something incredible is. Decimals and standard form top a multiplying and dividing i move the decimal points to the right until each is a whole number, noting the total number of moves, perform the multiplication, then. I set up this site as part of my lastminute revision. If your word processor or operating system cannot open it, you can download open office for free at.

Igcse scheme of work geography parkside house school. These will help you fill in the booklets if you are not happy about the quality of notes in your exercise. Geography for cambridge igcse revision guide oxford university press, 2012. Igcse sciences biology this covers the biology part of the coordinated. Igcse mathematics 0580 revision notes math medicine. Revision booklets to fill in one for each part of the coursea revision timetablerevision guides one for each part of the course. Revision and exam skills how to answer diff revision timetable year 11.

I have attached notes, revision questions and answers for the section on separation techniques. These notes are also useful in revision for other igcse syllabi aqa, edexcel, ocr. Here is a simple timetable based on the topics you need. Gcse history revision gcse revision resources here you will find. Rocking igcse biology paper 6 revision tips 2016 igcse.

I was planning to upload all my notes after my exams, but i realized i probably i wouldnt be. Here are some of our combined notes for each subject, we just really dont want these to go to. You must know the fact that on wordpress, each time you update your post, you will see previous post revisions stored there. Find an expression for its area a in terms of nand p. I provide notes on all the topics for the 2016 syllabus from cie, including a complete set of case studies to do well on paper 1. Igcse biology paper 6 revision tips click and download biology paper 6 if you like what you see please hit the like buttons. We created this site to help our own revision and hopefully you can benefit from it too. Hi drew, i just had a look and our theme on wordpress restricts us from. I was planning to upload all my notes after my exams, but i realized i probably i wouldnt be bothered after the igcses, so why not incorporate this little project into my revision. We are students from uwcsea east taking igcse in mayjune 2016.

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