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The stems of jc globe valves are forged from one piece and acme threaded, then mechanized and finally provided with a smooth finishing in order to minimize friction. The globo d is used in drinking water applications as a multifunctional shutoff valve. The design of the bodybonnet gasket varies depending on the class of the valve. By this mode of disc travel, the seat opening varies in direct proportion to the travel of the disc. Globe valves are used for flow regulation, frequent operation, increased flow resistance or for positive shut off when closed. Thanks to the compact working radius of the operating toggle, the globo d is ideal valve for adjacent installation on distributors.

Globe valves are closingdown valves in which the closure member is moved squarely on and off the seat. Dimensions facetoface dimensions for flanged, twoway, globetype, straight pattern and centretoface dimensions for flanged, twoway, globetype, angle pattern control valves. Pueden ser fabricadas en casi cualquier material como en acero al carbon, acero inoxidable, hierro, pvc, cpvc, bronce, acero forjado y con extremos, roscados, bridados, socket weld sw, y butt weld. As valvulas globonaoretorno devem ser instaladas com haste na posicao vertical e o sentido do fluxo por debaixo do obturador. Larrondo goiko kalea, naves 5,6,7 48180, elotxelerri, loiu bizkaia tel 34 94 440 27 07 fax. Maintenance free spindle sealing by two orings made of epdm. Make sure piping is clean and free from foreign material such as dirt, corrosion, chips, pipe joint compound, etc. The body and the ball are made of corrosionresistant gunmetal. As valvulas bsa, gracas ao seu fole, sao protegidas contra vazamentos.

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